Irrigation Sprinkler Packages

3 types of sprinklers to choose:   Rain Bird Series 1800, 3500, 5000

Select the sprinkler package according to the type of sprayer required for a single zone. Install only like-sprayers for each irrigation zone. Below, you'll find 3 types of Rain Bird sprinklers: 1800 series, 3500 series, 5000 series. Refer to the description of each for its operating style, size, gpm, spray distance to match your desired landscape project.

Carefully read the description of each package below. Packages range in quantities: 2 to 6 per pack. 


Rain Bird 1800 Series

4pack or 6pack, with or without 3/4" or 1" fittings

Operating Range:

*Spacing:  2.5 to 24 feet

*Pressure: 15 to 70 psi 

*Adjustable nozzles or fixed

*1/2" NPT female thread inlet