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You Don’t Get Quality For A Buc$

When I shop around, I can purchase the exact same thing at half the price, but nothing more frustrating then thinking I got a good deal and soon after the parts break! Grrrr

I’ve learned the unequivocal difference of money well spent on a quality product as opposed to buying cheap.

We've all experienced it. It’s like buying that beautiful $16 set of solar lights that come 24 to a pack. The competition was selling theirs at $89.00 for a set of 20! This is huge savings! It's the same product. They look awesome: black, sleek, easy to install. They slide into the ground perfectly and light up through the night – doing their job, what more could you ask for.

Tomorrow comes and it seems a bummer that one light isn’t working, but for $16 bucks, who’s gonna complain. The season comes and goes, and next spring none of them work.

Well - huh! Isn’t that a rip! But, instead of complaining you go buy another batch of 24 at $20 bucks. Each year you encounter the same burnt out issue and purchase the same product at a few bucks more.

You might have reasoned that the first batch was an unlucky purchase, but the second, third, and fourth time too? That’s a poorly made product. This repetitious buying of the same poorly made product will cost more in the long run which usually results in frustration and finally selecting a different product all together at a significantly higher price.

Don't buy cheap when it comes to irrigation products or you'll surely spend your days digging up malfunctioned pieces.

Cheaply constructed irrigation parts will result in several failures from mis-matched threads - where one part does not fit snug into the other, broken parts that do not hold up under pressure, to insignificant passages where water is unable to flow through to each part.

I’ve come across some poorly fabricated drippers that immediately plug up, stakes that break like toothpicks, sprinklers that easily crack, don’t pop up, and pipe too rigid to work with. Not to mention the straw that broke the camel's back was the controller that lasted only one season!

When I see these products being sold - everywhere - I cringe at the thought of you having to dig up and redo the irrigation system that you spent so much time designing and installing.

Save yourself the headache, time and money; don’t get mixed up in the no-name, cheap rendition of whatchamacallits when it comes to irrigation products. These parts are not meant to be crazy-glued back together in hopes they'll work. You’ll spend too much time wondering what you’re doing wrong, and no time enjoying the fruits of your design.


Keep the same reliable motto,

“Do it right the first time and get the results you want.”

When considering an irrigation system, your landscape requires products that have longevity, durability, exceptional performance, made with smooth inter-connecting parts that are and sealed with gaskets.

These quality products can be more expensive from the start for several reasons. Firstly, they are designed and constructed to be engineer tough for which the manufacturer builds their irrefutable reputation.

is proven top of the line in the irrigation industry with quality products designed for longevity. Plastic molds that are filed into smooth surfaces, no spurs or tags to restrict water flow, made from robust material that have been pressure tested under various extremes and climates to ensure reliable performance.

A quality brand name system like Rain Bird will last season after season, provided you care for your irrigation system when it comes to winterizing and springbiding. These products are built to last.

So head on over to our shop floor and select

the system that best fit your yard project.


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