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Welcome  to the innovative approach in the irrigation industry where you can select part of a sprinkler system or choose the full automated package of your choice to get the landscape results you're looking for. 

Through the Package Selection you'll find variations of the packages we offer, from garden packs and extra zones that can be easily incorporated with your existing system, to a full turn-key automated irrigation package that will provide the coverage your landscape requires based on the size of your lot. 

All products are made of high-end material, tested under varying pressures and climates to ensure their resilience, requiring little to no maintenance.  Find Product Information  for relative videos and brochures to assist with all your landscape projects and/or click below onto whichever system you're looking for. 

White Lilies

Benefits of an automatic irrigation system:

  • Irrigation sprinklers are positioned to provide water where needed to promote healthy root systems while delivering essential minerals for all plant life.


  • Problems associated with high water demand, drought, or poor use of water are eliminated. Save 30-50 per cent of the water usage because of less runoff and evaporation


  • Time spent watering lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, and flowers is no longer a relentless task through the nozzle of a garden hose, but instead, part of an underground system set to water automatically according to your preferred schedule


  • Programming when and how much to water will establish strong root systems and accelerate growth, resulting in healthier, luscious greenery year after year. The beauty of your landscape will be optimized while choking out the spread of weeds


  • Adjustable sprinklers allow for easy modifications in correlation with your landscape’s changing dynamics. Wifi makes it possible for you to operate your irrigation system from anywhere in the world


  • When in doubt, professional landscapers are here to install the system for you. With their technical expertise of all landscape prerequisites and fundamentals, you can be confident your irrigation system will be proficiently installed.


  • As if those exceptionally grand benefits weren’t enough, to add to the list is curb appeal. Your home is a lucrative investment where your landscape speaks volumes in a direct and influential gateway to boost your property value!


  • So, start your DIY project to get the landscape results you’ve always imagined! Select from one of our complete packages based on the square footage of your yard.







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