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Irrigation Controller Packages

The complete Rain Bird Series 

Select the brains of the irrigation system according to how many zones you anticipate having on your property. It is recommended to install a controller with at least one extra zone available for future projects. Remember, that for each garden kit use a separate zone.

Carefully read the description of each package below then select the ideal controller package according to the zones required for your project, 4 to 12 zones available. You have the option to select a pack that comes with or without wire.


The packages contain the following, some do not include wire:


Rain Bird TM Controller


Rain Bird Rainsensor


Waterproof Wire Connectors


Low Volt Wire

18 AWG

WIFI LINK_edited.png

Wifi Link Adapter

The brains of an irrigation system


The Rain Bird ESP-TM controller is a contractor-grade unit designed for residential use. It's virtually hassle free with it's easy to follow LCD display features, guiding you through the preference sequences from daily start times to minutes per cycle


The wifi adapter is a simple mobile app giving you the flexibility to access your irrigation system from anywhere in the world.


Like a hand to glove, the Rain Bird WR2 Rain Sensor is a must! You know the neighbor's who's sprinkler is running non stop during a rain storm? Yes, that's because they either forgot to set up their rain sensor or they don't have one.

Simply set the depth of rain need the sensor to over ride the controller, when the weather dries up, regular scheduling will resume.


Wiring your irrigation system is easier Done than Said. Our packages come with one wire jacket containing several colored wires inside.


Each electric valve of the manifold has two wires, doesn't matter which one is used as common or lead. From the wire jacket use the white wire as the common to hook up all valves, then a colored wire for each valve. See the video below. 

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