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Add-A-Zone Package

To Any Existing System

Add-a-zone to any existing irrigation system by selecting from one of the packages below. There are three types of sprinklers that will accommodate for either 3/4" pipe or 1" pipe. Choose from the Rain Bird 1800 sprinklers, 3500 rotors, or 5000 rotors. Each package comes with the electric 24volt Rain Bird DV valve, dura manifold fittings, and all pipe insert fittings.

Carefully read the description of each package below before selecting the ideal package.


Each package will contain variances of these combinations:

dv 1.png

Rain Bird

DV Valves

all parts w-cross .png

Dura Swivel Fittings

turnseals - 35.png

Turnseal Fittings

all sprinkler.png

Rain Bird Sprinklers


Rain Bird

Swing Joint


Rain Bird

Rotor Tool

rotor nozzles.png

Rain Bird

Rotor Nozzles