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Save over $500

as opposed to piecing

each component separately

2535 - 3800 sq. ft.


This is the 5-zone irrigation system. Carefully read the description of packages below to select a system according to pipe size, 3/4" or 1", and whether you require a garden zone. One garden kit is equal to one zone. Pipe is sold separately.

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Identify your parts


wired controller.png

The TM Rain Bird series controller is suitable for indoor or outdoor. It's easy to use with optional watering frequencies. The flexibility of 3 programs and 4 start times available per program, you can tailor your watering schedule to your landscape’s needs.

Comes with delayed watering preferences, rain sensor hook-up, and wifi capabilities. Everything you need to plug and watch your lawn and gardens bloom with a click of a button.



Valve boxes are included with the packages and are size appropriate to cover each manifold. If the package comes with three manifolds, there will be an equal amount of boxes.


Each box will vary in size and with a depth of either 6" or 12" for the 10 and 12 zone systems. The boxes will protect your valves from outside elements. They don't have to cover distribution pipes, so long as the valves are covered. When placing them in the ground, consider bridging the perimeter of the boxes with bricks for sturdiness.



Our packages come with the tools necessary to get the job done!

The green rotortool is for operating the rotors. To lift the internal rotor, to adjust the arc and to insert the nozzle.

The orange pipe cutters are durable for all size pipe up to 1".

The purple garden tool in used for inserting the grey connectors into the garden supply line and for extracting as well.



The wifi link is a simple plug and play adapter, providing you with the flexibility to control your irrigation stystem from anywhere. 


Each package comes with this module; simply locate the "remote" slot on the panel inside your controller, install the wifi adapter then download the app. You'll always be one click away from irrigation system. 


all sprinkler.png

The packages are assembled with 3 Rain Bird series sprinklers: 1800, 3500, 5000. Each sprinkler is uniquely different with its own spray pattern and water output.


DO NOT mix the sprinklers on the same zone as this will cause the system to be inefficient and possibly not work at all. Rule of thumb: water looks for the quickest way out, so the larger rotors will swallow every drop leaving none for the smaller sprinklers. 


dv 1.png

The Rain Bird DV 24v Valve is highly recommended by professional everywhere. It's designed for maximum reliability and grit resistance with virtually zero maintenance. 

It's easy to install and wire. Comes with a bleed valve to manually flush system of dirt and debris during installation. The removable solenoid and diaphragm allow for accessible cleaning or replacement.





The rain sensor is a highly intuitive icon-driven receiver. The insurance for your system. It can be attached to the eaves trough or fence with a 300 foot line of sight back to the controller


Its convenient adjustment and monitoring of rain or freeze settings allows the sensor to override your controller during rainfalls then resume back to the original watering schedule without a hiccup! Program the sensor by selecting the depth of rainfall in mm.


XS DRIP - no pipe.png

Optional garden kits come with selected systems. Some packages will come with 1 or 2 or 3 kits, while others have no drip irrigation. Be sure to select the one best suited for your landscape requirements. 


Each package comes with pre-determined sprinkler stakes; some will be half circle sprays, while others are a full spray.

The garden stakes are 6" in height and can be adjustable for water flow 0-24 gallons per hour, up to 0.4 gpm with an astonishing radius up to 10 foot throw. 


400 - 075.png

The distribution poly pipe is not included with the packages purchased online. 


It is with our 20 years experience that each system can differ with pipe requirements according to lot shapes.


Where one zone might need a full 400 foot roll of pipe, the other only needs 300 feet. Our recommendations for pipe size and quantities are listed with each package for your reference to purchase the bundle at your local hardware store.






This is the 4-zone manifold. You have the option to select a 3/4" or 1" system. The valves have an arrow to indicate water flow direction, pointing toward the irrigation zone pipes.


Use Teflon tape (included) to seal fittings that screw from valves to irrigation pipes, and from manifold to main water supply line. The manifold has o'rings, no tape is necessary.

Use a transition adapter to connect the manifold to your water meter line or outside faucet. Whether it's a wye valve or a straight fitting, you'll find this at your local hardware store.


075 filter prf.png

Our Complete Packages that include garden irrigation kits come with a filter and pressure regulator that is size appropriate for the pipe requirement. Both these parts help to protect and deliver optimal performance to the garden areas.


If the system is attached to drinking water, install a backflow preventor after the meter line and before the irrigation manifold. Install them before the garden zone valve as indicated in this picture.

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